BitCORE — A Community-Driven Anti-Whale Anti-Bot Deflationary Token

Has This Ever Happened To You?

You discover a new token that just launched on Uniswap and rush to buy in. You get excited because it’s early and you’re one of the first 50 holders.

But suddenly, you feel a knot in your stomach as you watch the price plummet. That’s when you realize the top holder already has 10x the amount of tokens you have (which he only paid a fraction for), and he’s dumping his bags on you!

If you’ve experienced this before, and you’re sick of this happening to you over and over again, then keep reading about BitCORE — a deflationary token designed with anti-whale and anti-bot features hardcoded in the contract.

Two Main Issues With The Current State of DeFi: Whales and Bots

You see, two of the biggest problems preventing regular traders and investors on Uniswap from making profits are:

To combat these issues, we created the BitCORE token (BITCORE) — a community-driven, deflationary token designed to combat whales and bots.

Here are the unique features of BitCORE:

Bitcore Tokenomics

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